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Our Vendor LAPP produced qualified insulators since 1930.  
Porcelain Insulators

Long-Rod Insulators
They withstand weights of double digit tons over several decades and thus ensure the safe transportation of energy and power supply across hundreds of miles: our porcelain long-rod insulators. more>


Post Insulators
Our post insulators from the latest high performance ceramics have been in use for many decades in switchgear and capacitor bank platforms. more>


Hollow Insulators
The design of these hollow insulators is affected decisively by the requirements of our customers and depends strongly on the environmental conditions of their future location. Based on decades of experience and latest manufacturing methods LAPP Insulators can also produce unusual geometries for ceramic hollow insulators. more>


Medium Voltage Insulators
The application areas of our medium voltage insulators are versatile. Therefore, LAPP Insulators offers a wide product range in the low and medium voltage range for the use of 10  kV–100  kV. Our production range includes e.g. insulator bushings, cable supports and chain, transformer and railway insulators. more>


Suspension Insulators
All suspension insulators from LAPP Insulators are manufactured to specifications developed utilizing decades of experience in leading technical advancements in the suspension insulator marketplace, resulting in rigorous standards exceeding ANSI and CSA. more>

Composit Insulators

RodurFlex Suspension Insulators
The unique design of our RODURFLEX suspension insulators and the variations possible on account of our patented modular system permit a combination of different installation lengths with different shed profiles and sizes. In addition, a large selection of fittings can be used.more>


RodurFlex Station Post Insulators
RODURFLEX comprises insulators for station post insulators with various end fitting hardware configurations. more>

RodurFlex Line Post Insulators
The product range of our RODURFLEX transmission line insulators includes products for vertical and horizontal installation. With various configuration options for the live end and ground end hardware fitting designs for different voltage levels are also possible for our line post insulators. more>

Simotec Insulators
SIMOTEC composite hollow insulators are also of highest quality: Manufactured in accordance with IEC, ANSI and other standards the hollow insulators are produced in cylindrical design up to a total single-component installation length of 6000 mm (236.2”). more>

Production Methods
Patented quality from LAPP Insulators: The production process of the RODURFLEX insulators starts with the extraction of the FRP rod. Cut to the correct length and visually inspected the rods are wrapped seamlessly with a high temperature vulcanised silicone elastomer (HTV silicone). Chemical bonding of the silicone coating to the FRP rod ensures optimum adhesion.more>
With the patented expertise in the manufacture of the SIMOTEC hollow insulators the company was able to set new standards in insulating and high voltage technology. High demands are placed on our SIMOTEC insulator types that are predominantly used in switchgear construction.more>
Ceramic Insulators
Over decades LAPP Insulators has perfected the production of high voltage ceramics in the form of insulators for electrical engineering. Highly developed and monitored processes form the basis for a production where customer-specific special requests are implemented with the same precision and reliability as standardized standard components during series production.more>













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