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Composite RodurFlex Line Post Insulator

Expanding horizons


The product range of our RODURFLEX transmission line insulators includes products for vertical and horizontal installation. With various configuration options for the live end and ground end hardware fitting designs for different voltage levels are also possible for our line post insulators.

LAPP Insulators has experience in the manufacture of these high-tech insulators since 1967. The patented production method RODURFLEX and the subsequent tests in the test labs guarantee for our customers first class products for lasting functionality and operational safety.


  • Voltage level: 1 – 550 kV
  • Maximum rod diameter: 101.2 mm (4") up to 50 kNm
  • Flexible leakage path up to 55 mm(2.16”) / kV
  • Utilized in braced post assemlbies
  • Special designs including string assemblies

Production method

  • Modular system, slide-on assembly
  • HTV silicone rubber, generation III
  • FRP rod
  • Metastable silicone seal
  • Special shed profiles for all contamination categories
  • Patented under-rib design of the sheds

Manufactured in accordance with the standards

  • IEC 61952
  • ANSI C29.17
  • ANSI C29.18

Use in industry-specific solutions

  • Compact insulation for support and span masts in high voltage networks
  • Braced post assemblies
  • Conductor positioning










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