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Composite Simotec Hollow Insulator

Composite safety


SIMOTEC composite hollow insulators are also of highest quality: Manufactured in accordance with IEC, ANSI and other standards the hollow insulators are produced in cylindrical design up to a total single-component installation length of 6000 mm (236.2”).

 Our SIMOTEC hollow insulators are installed in explosion-proof switchgear that are usually exposed to aggressive contamination and weather conditions during operation. However, due to their design and the high quality material the hollow insulators cope with these conditions for many decades.  

By using high quality LSR silicone rubber the operation of the hollow insulators can be guaranteed without need for maintenance or cleaning. With their compact and light-weight design SIMOTEC hollow insulators contribute decisively to the construction of switchgear with utmost quality and reliability.


  • Voltage level: 1 – 800 kV
  • Single-component up to 6 m(236”) , multiple component designs available
  • Maximum outside tube diameter: 580 mm(22.8”)
  • Leakage path dimensioning up to 31 mm(1.22”) / kV

Production method

  • Injection method
  • LSR silicone rubber
  • Coiled FRP tubes for combined pressure and bending stress

Manufactured in accordance with the standards

  • IEC 61462 (2007)

Use in industry-specific solutions

  • Device and plant construction, e.g. switchgear, current and voltage converters, insulator bushings, surge arresters and cable end ferrules








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