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Porcelain Hollow Insulator

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For LAPP's ceramic hollow insulators we also use high-strength porcelain in accordance with the standards IEC, ANSI and C130. During manufacturing these products are produced with cylindrical, conical or round-bodied inside diameters up to a total length of 110.23 inches as a single piece unit. The advantage of our hollow insulators lies in achieving high mechanical resistance in addition to their electrical insulation capability.

The design of these hollow insulators is affected decisively by the requirements of our customers and depends strongly on the environmental conditions of their future location. Based on decades of experience and latest manufacturing methods LAPP Insulators can also produce unusual geometries for ceramic hollow insulators.


  • Voltage level: 1 – 1100 kV
  • Maximum installation length: 354.33 inches
    (using adhesive technology, 110.24 inches single-piece)
  • Maximum outside diameter: 25.2 inches
  • Flexible leakage path up to 1.575” / kV
  • Conical design
    (preferred for insulating bushings and dead tank circuit breaker porcelain)
  • Cylindrical design
    (preferred for live tank circuit breaker porcelain)

Production method

  • Wet method
  • In accordance with standard C130: high-strength alumina porcelain
  • In accordance with standard C130 HS: extra-high strength
  • Glaze colors: Brown RAL 8017
    and Grey ANSI 70

Manufactured in accordance with the standards

  • IEC 62155
  • IEC 60672
  • IEC TS 62371
  • ANSI

Use in industry-specific solutions

  • Device and plant construction, e.g. Disconnect switches and Circuit Breakers (live tank breakers, dead tank breakers)
  • Current converters, voltage converters, surge arrestors, insulator bushings












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