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Problem solving and design questions - we have sources and experience that can be helpful with those last-minute changes that come with every project. We can get materials to the site from multiple sources to ensure that a project goes on-line in time.
 Peak Substation Services, LLC is a substation packaging company serving Rural Electric Associations, Municipal Utilities, Contractors, Consultants, Investor-owned utilities, and Industrial Companies. Its core business is to bundle and pre-engineer all of the required electrical and structural components, products, and materials for Utility distribution and transmission substations. We have extensive experience in voltage ranges from 4160 to 500k(EHV). The structural members can be either steel or aluminum in a lattice, tube, beam, or tapered tube form. In addition to the structural components, we typically provide the electrical material used for switching, fusing, lightning protection, metering, grounding, connecting, current carrying components, and overload protection.









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