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Load Tap Changer Filter Systems (LTC)


On-Line Oil Filtration for Load Tap Changer Compartments

The TP2 was developed in response to the utility industry’s desire to reduce operation and maintenance costs and increase system reliability. On-line oil filtration has proven to be an effective means of combating LTC problems. Tap changers retrofitted with a TP2 enjoy the following:

  • Consistent high oil dielectric strength
  • Extended maintenance/inspection intervals
  • Reduced contact wear and coking
  • Extended oil life
  • Reduced contact erosion via reduced restrikes during tap changing

The Velcon TP2 is recommended for installation on tap changers that:

  • Perform a high number of operations
  • Exhibit consistent sludging conditions
  • Have a high tap to tap voltage difference
  • Require frequent attention

Quality components and comprehensive design features have made the TP2 an industry standard for on-line filtration. All components are fully enclosed in a temperature controlled NEMA 4 cabinet. Operation of the unit is unattended and controlled by a user programmable timer. 3 gpm flow rate keeps turbulence in the reservoir to a minimum and allows for maximum filter life.


  • Self Draining – Reversible pump allows quick, no mess, filter changeout. No tools required.
  • Automatic Shut-off – Pressure switch turns the system off when filter is plugged. Relay can be wired to remote alarm or indicator light.
  • Oil Make-up – LTC reservoir can be topped off using 3- way valve oil make-up port.
  • Flexible Operation – Digital electronic timer can be programmed for multiple operating sequences. Internal battery keeps program in memory during power loss.
  • Hour Meter – Records run time of system to assure user of consistent operation.
  • Temperature Controlled – Cabinet heaters and fans keep extreme temperatures from affecting service and prevent condensation build up.









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