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Revenue Metering Applications

Electrical Power Transducers

For Substation, Generation and Feeder Monitoring Applications


ITransData has been a leading manufacturer of utility-grade power measuring transducers for SCADA and energy management applications since our company was founded in 1969. TransData power transducer designs are precision engineered to exacting standards utilizing superior grade materials and components to ensure maximum accuracy, stability and long-term reliability for utilization in demanding real-world operating conditions. TransData power transducers feature utility specified steel enclosures, standardized mounting footprint and high- current capacity terminal barriers.

Product Highlights:

  • Ideal for distribution substation, generation and feeder monitoring applications

  • Provides real-time analog signals to SCADA and energy management systems

  • 0-1mA, ±1mA, 4-20mA and pulse output models available

  • -20°C to +70°C Rated Operating Range

  • Best-in-Class ±0.2% and ±0.1% accuracy class models available

  • 5000 Volts “Industry Best” Surge Withstand Capability

  • Standardized pin-for-pin direct replacement for other brands

Standard Models In-Stock for Immediate Shipment:

  • Current Transducers

  • Voltage Transducers

  • Watt Transducers

  • Var Transducers

  • Watt/Var Transducers

  • DC Voltage Transducers

  • Frequency Transducers

  • Power Factor Transducers

  • Phase Angle Transducers

  • Neutral Current Transducers











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