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Revenue Metering Applications

MARK-V Energy Meter


More Than Just a Meter… the MARK-V Energy Meter is the Most Complete and Comprehensive Smart Grid Energy Meter for:
  • Distribution Substation, Generation and Transmission Grid Metering
  • Commercial and Industrial Revenue Billing
  • Wireless AMR with Digital Cellular Under-Glass
  • DNP 3.0 and Modbus SCADA Metering
  • Ethernet Connectivity
Smart Metering is our Business:

Utilized by more than 400 leading global electric utilities and energy producers for a variety of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) applications; the versatile MARK-V Energy Meter provides users with an innovative and cost-effective smart grid revenue metering solution to more effectively measure, manage and communicate energy flow data.

The MARK-V Energy Meter offers best-of-class features and functionality including: integrated two-way AMR data telemetry; real-time DNP 3.0 and Modbus SCADA communications; multi-port Ethernet connectivity; load profile recording and power quality monitoring system.
Renowned for its superior accuracy and reliability performance, the MARK-V is independent test laboratory certified to the highest levels of revenue meter accreditation.

Digital Cellular Under-Glass Wireless AMR – We Invented It:

TransData pioneered the world’s first electricity meter with fully integrated digital cellular communications and has deployments at more than 70 leading utilities. Ideally suited for installation on 100kW and larger accounts; the MARK-V Meter can be equipped with our integrated StarBurst digital cellular AMR broadband module with selectable IP addressable 3G packet-data and circuit-switched data telemetry modes.

Key Features:
  •     4-Quadrant Bidirectional Energy Meter
  •     ±0.06% Load Range Accuracy
  •     ANSI C12.1, C12.20 Certified, Measurement Canada Approved Revenue Meter
  •     Power Quality Monitoring System with Event Recorder
  •     Multi-Processor Real-time Operating System, No Data Buffering Delays
  •     Power Quality Monitoring with Event Recorder and Event Notification
  •     Real-Time Transformer & Line Loss Compensation with Test Mode
  •     Socket, Switchboard and A-Base Mounting Configurations
Real-Time SCADA Communications:
  •   DNP 3.0 and Modbus (TCP/IP and RTU) SCADA Protocols
  •   Ethernet, RS232/RS485 Serial, Digital Cellular Broadband Telemetry Options
  •   Supports Real-time Data Requirements of Load Control and Demand Response Programs
  •   Available 1mA or 4-20mA Analog Outputs for Legacy RTU’s
Billing Register/Interval Data Recorder:
  •   Ethernet, Digital Cellular, Telephone Modem, RS232/RS485 Serial, Optical Port, Telemetry
  •   4 or 8 Channel Interval Data Recorder, Programmable 1-60 Minutes Intervals
  •   Maintenance Free LiRAM Memory – NO Batteries to Replace
  •   Programmable Usage, Demand and Time-of-Use (TOU) Registers
Patented Technologies:
  •   Patented Digital True RMS Measuring Technology
  •   Patented Under-Glass Antenna Technologies Simplify Installation


















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