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M-3410A Intertie/Generator Protection Relay

Facilitates standardization for small/medium intertie and generator protection applications


The M-3410A Intertie/Generator Protection Relay is a microprocessor-based unit that uses digital signal processing technology to provide up to twelve protective relaying functions for intertie protection or up to eleven protective relaying functions for generator protection.

Generator Protection
The relay can protect a generator from abnormal voltage, abnormal frequency, motoring (loss of prime mover), phase faults, ground faults, and unbalanced currents. In addition, sync check may be applied for proper connection of the generator to the bus.

Intertie Protection
The relay can protect the utility from having generators island on the distribution system after the utility disconnects power from the feeder. This is accomplished by monitoring the intertie (point of common coupling to the utility) for abnormal voltage, abnormal frequency, ferroresonance and excessive power import/export, which can indicate loss of utility supply. The relay also provides detection of phase and ground faults, as well as current and voltage unbalance on the utility system. In addition, sync check may be applied to supervise closure of the intertie breaker according to the interconnected utility’s practice.









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