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M-3425A Comprehensive Generator Relay


The M-3425A Comprehensive Generator Relay provides protection, control, monitoring and user interface functions for generator protection. Stored targets and oscillography can be IRIG-B synchronized. Dual RS-232 ports and an RS-485 port provide user-interface communication capabilities. The S-3400 IPScom Communications Software is included for direct serial or remote communication access. Waveform data can be downloaded using the M-3801D IPSplot PLUS Oscillograph Analysis Software which allows for plotting and printing of the downloaded oscillographic data.

  • Exceeds IEEE C37.102 and Standard 242 requirements for generator protection

  • Protects generators of any prime mover, grounding and connection type

  • Provides all major protective functions for generator protection including:
    • Out-of-Step (78)
    • Split-Phase Differential (50DT)
    • Under Frequency Time Accumulation (81A)
    • Inadvertent Energizing (50/27)
    • Turn-to-Turn Fault (59X)

  • Expanded IPScomĀ® Communications Software provides simple and logical setting and programming, including logic schemes

  • Simple application with Base and Comprehensive protection packages

  • Load encroachment blinders and power swing blocking for system backup protection (21) to enhance security during system abnormal conditions

  • Options:
    • Ethernet Connection
    • Field Ground/Brush Lift-Off Protection (64F/B)
    • Sync Check (25)
    • 100% Stator Ground Fault Protection by low frequency injection (64S)
    • Expanded I/O (15 additional Output Contacts and 8 additional Control/Status Inputs)

  • Configuration Options:

    The M-3425A Generator Protection Relay is available in either a Base or Comprehensive package of protective functions. This provides the user with flexibility in selecting a protective system to best suit the application. Additional Optional Protective Functions may be added at the time of purchase at per-function pricing. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Module, Target Module, or redundant power supply can be selected at time of purchase. When the Field Ground (64F) Premium Protective Function is purchased, an external coupler module (M-3921) is provided for isolation from the dc field voltages. When 100% Stator Ground (64S) protection using low-frequency injection is purchased, an external band pass filter and frequency generator is provided.








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