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10-Series Routers
Magnum 10RX Configurable Routers
Configurable WAN Router with up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 16 T1/E1 ports, or 32 serial connections. Advanced Industrial Network Operating System (INOS) more>

Magnum 10XTS Router Terminal Servers
Configurability with two T1/E1 WAN ports and up to 28 serial ports, and eight Ethernet ports; Configurable IRIG-B timing modules; Hot-Swappable Power Supplies more>

DX Routers

Magnum DX940 Configurable Industrial Route
Magnum DX940 Configurable Industrial RouterCombines WAN access, IP routing, Ethernet switching, Serial-to-IP terminal services and advanced security features with a 3G wireless capability more>


Magnum DX40 Serial Device Router
Combines features of a Serial Device Server, Ethernet Switch and IP Router in a single product; industrial firewall appliance; offers two Ethernet and two serial ports; more>

DynaStar Industrial Frame Routers
DynaStar DS2000-IFR
DS2000-IFR uses the same operating software of the DS1500-IFR but provides twice the interface capacity for Ethernet and serial data devices, including dual Gb Ethernet and dual WAN. more>
DynaStar DS1500-IFR
In a single product, the DS1500-IFR integrates five often discrete networking functions: Terminal Server (Async serial device support), Ethernet switch, IP Router, Frame Relay Access Device, and DSU/CSU.more>
NIS (Network Integration Systems)
DynaStar Network Integration System (NIS)
The DynaStar NIS connects distributed sites to corporate or carrier network services with IP, Frame Relay, X.25, TDM and extended Ethernet interfaces. Advanced QoS and Virtual Private Networks. more>

Network Securty Software
MNS-6K-SECURE Software for 6K & 10K Switches
Network Framework Security
Magnum Secure Networks Framework










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