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A30 Bus Insulators


The porcelain A30 bus insulators supplied by Meister International are designed for applications that have high mechanical stresses, and are cantilever tested to guarantee that they meet industry standards. This ensures high quality, dependability, and safety, plus our high standards keep your production process running smoothly.

Meister International stocks A30 porcelain bus insulators for the following voltage classes:
• 5kv
• 7.2kv
• 15kv/95kv BIL
• 15kv/110kv BIL
• 23kv/150kv BIL
• 34.5kv/200kv BIL

Porcelain A30 bus insulators (also referred to as bus bar insulators and bus supports) are utilized for high voltage applications where reliability and maximum “uptime” is paramount. Switchgear, power transformer, and bus-duct manufacturers use porcelain A30 bus insulators where high cantilever strength is necessary. Porcelain A30 bus insulators have a six-inch (6”) diameter to meet higher mechanical requirements. The high cantilever strength ratings meet the demands of industrial and utility customers around the world.

Porcelain A30 bus insulators are typically used to support long and short copper bus-bars. Ease of installation is key and Meister International supplies porcelain A30 bus insulators with hot-dipped galvanized inserts, further reducing the amount of potential downtime. The porcelain A30 bus insulators supplied by Meister International adhere to both the mechanical and electrical requirements of IEEE, IEC, NEMA and ANSI Standards. Testing is also performed in accordance with the applicable industry standards.

The glaze coating on the exterior of the porcelain A30 bus insulators supplied by Meister International keeps dirt and pollutants from adhering to the insulator, making maintenance of  porcelain A30 bus insulators unnecessary. The inserts are made from metals that will not oxidize or otherwise deteriorate, and are ideal for supporting copper and aluminum bus-bars.










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